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      Privacy Policy


            Privacy Policy

      ThreeBond Inc. Personal Information Protection Policy

      We recognize the importance of the protection of personal information, and strive for the protection of personal information following the policy below.


      1. Acquisition of personal information

        This company acquires personal information limited to the necessary areas for the purposes of the fair performance of operations, as well as the hiring of employees and personnel management, using lawful and just means.

      2. Use of personal information
        • This company uses personal information only as is necessary for the performance of operations, and only for the purpose indicated at the time of acquisition.
        • In the event that personal information is used jointly with a third party, or the treatment of personal information is entrusted to a third party, this company shall do so only after conducting a strict examination of said third party, and shall undertake appropriate supervision in order to maintain confidentiality.

      3. Proffering of personal information to third parties

        Except where stipulated by law, we will not proffer personal information to a third party without the advance consent of the person in question.

      4. Management of personal information

        • We shall maintain the accuracy of personal information while protecting and managing such information.
        • In order to prevent the loss, destruction, corruption or divulgence etc. of personal information, we shall employ appropriate security measures against illegal access, computer viruses etc.
        • We shall not divulge personal information through the removal to or transmission to external sources, etc.

      5. Disclosure, revision, discontinuance of use and deletion of personal information

        We recognize that each person has the right to request the disclosure, revision, discontinuance of use or deletion of his or her personal information. If such requests are made, we shall respond quickly and without objection.

      6. Organization

        This company shall carry out the appropriate protection and management of personal information through a person appointed responsible for the protection and management of personal information.
        This company shall provide education to its officers and employees regarding the protection and appropriate management means of personal information, and shall be consistent in its appropriate treatment of personal information at all times.

      7. Personal Information Protection Policy formulation, implementation, preservation and improvement

        In order to practice this policy, this company shall formulate a “personal information protection program” (which includes this policy, personal information protection regulations, and other rules and regulations), which will be made universally known to company employees and other concerned parties, and which will be maintained and continuously improved.


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